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Perfect Used Tire of CLeveland Ohio is the Outreach Business Development brand of US TIRE Transportation Co. We are one of the largest Tire collection and Tire recycling company in northeast Ohio. Whatever your size of tire disposable needs are , we have the ability and capacity to accomodate and cater to your tire collection and disposal needs. no matter how big , or how small your operation, we provide you with the suitable program to collect the tires as per your needs and requirements


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If You Are Looking For A Reliable Supplier For Your Used Tire Business Then You Are In The Right Place. WE Have A Large Selection Of Used Tires. We Are Wholesalers Of Hand Chosen Used Tires With Top Quality To Fit Your Reselling Needs. All Our Tires Are Air Tested Before Being Chosen. We Offer A Wide Range Of Tire Sizes With Competitive Prices. Our Sizes Range From 14’’~ 22" New Inventory Weekly If Your Company Needs Wholesale Distribution, You Can Trust Our Team Of Experts

We are The Largest Premium Used Tires Wholesale in Cleveland Ohio